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Tuning Developments 4x4 Rolling Road

Dyno Dynamics are recognised as one of the market leaders in Dyno technology. Tuning Developments are proud to own one of their most flexible dynometers they produce. The 450DS-AWD can accomodate FWD, RWD and AWD vehicles.

The Dyno is able to measure power from 1HP (0.5kW) to a whopping 2,400 HP (1800 kW) and measure axle torque up to 12,500 Nm!

A Dyno is more than just Power Runs; Here at Tuning Developments we can offer the following services with our AWD Dyno:
  • Power Runs
  • Diagnose Engine and Transmission Faults
  • Engine Management Unit Mapping Services
  • Engine 'Running In' service

With Power Runs starting at £60 per car and discounts for Group/Car Club sessions, Call us now on 01925 822266 to book your session on our quality Rolling Road.