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1 x 3.5inch Stainless Decat Downpipe for Hyundai i30n 2.0 17-on
1 x 3inch Exhaust Flexi Centre Section for Hyundai i30n 2.0 18-on
1 x 3inch Exhaust GPF Delete for Hyundai i30n 2.0 18-on
1 x Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit Toyota Yaris GR Four 20-
1 x 650+HP Billet Hybrid Turbochargers BMW M2 M3 M4 S55 Engines
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New Products available at Tuning Developments is our Billet Bolt On Hybrid Turbochargers range for the BMW 3.0 S55 engine in the BMW M2 Competition, M3 and M4 F80 F82 All Years

These hybrid turbos are designed to be a bolt on upgrade for all BMW M2 Competition, BMW M3 and BMW M4 Models with the S55 Engine, capable of 650-700BHP.

We have produced a 650+ HP hybrid turbocharger options for the BMW S55 Engine. This kit works with the OEM BMW ECU and is a direct fit no modification required it is totally stock location on the BMW Cylinder head with reworked turbine housing.
Tuning Developments Billet650 Hybrid Turbochargers:
Huge Billet compressor wheels designed for maximum flow
Turbine wheel upgrade along with a cutback to turbine exducer for higher flow capacity
CNC machining of compressor and turbine housing to fit the larger wheels
Fitment of our motorsport 360 thrust bearing for higher boost capacity
Porting of wastegate hole for greater boost control @ higher RPM
Flowing of the turbine housing inlet to allow higher throughput
Flowing of compressor cover inlet
Compressor Covers modified with 2.5inch Intake Housings for much increased intake flow. (will require custom intake pipes/modification)

The Tuning Developments BMW M2 Competition, BMW F80 M3, BMW F82 M4 Billet650 Turbochargers requires more airflow than the stock intake and exhaust can provide. Making this turbo an ideal solution for people already running a full Bolt-On BMW M Power Vehicle, maximum performance is achieved when combined with other upgrades such as the Tuning Developments 3inch Decat/Downpipes along with our ECUTEK Racerom Custom ECU Tuning upgrade.
All our Billet650 Turbochargers are on a exchange basis, if you dont have your original turbochargers it will be a £800+VAT surchange ontop of the listed price.


BMW M2 Competition S55 Engine All Model Years
BMW M3 F80 S55 Engine All Models Years
BMW M4 F82 S55 Engine All Models Years

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 February, 2023.