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[ST250 Remap]

ECUTeK remap and mapping for your MK3 Ford Focus ST 250 Models from Tuning Developments.

ECUTeK Features Include:

ECU Connect

ECU Connect fully supports Ford EcoBoost models offering DTCs for all ECU modules, high speed logging and performance analyser testing.

ECU Connect Features

As part of ongoing integration work with our Ford EcoBoost product the following RaceROM features can also also be controlled through ECU Connect.

Mode Switching

Switch between four different modes and set the name of each mode using ProECU.
Custom Maps and RaceROM Features can be enabled on a per-mode basis.

Boost Controller
Select a different torque profile for each virtual boost setting, and limit the maximum setting on a per-mode basis.

Launch Control
Adjust the launch control RPM from ECU connect on cars without cruise control switchgear.

Custom Inputs
Custom inputs provides five new virtual inputs that can be controlled using your mobile device. Configurable as a slider, numerical value or on/off switch these inputs can be utilised by RaceROM Custom Maps to interact with the ECU directly from the driver's mobile device, adding a new dimension in driver control of the powertrain.

Fuelling and HDFX Maps
Tuning modern GDI engines is about so much more than just AFR, spark and boost. The Ford EcoBoost tuning suite contains a wide range of maps for injection timing and split ratio, as well as injector scaling and limit maps.

HDFX control maps have been added to allow advanced tuning of cam timing and options to select the current HDFX mode.

Boost Control Maps
Boost control maps are now better defined, making it easier to find the right maps required and faster to tune. There are further map improvements throughout the ECU's functions.

ECU Backup and Restore
Save the state of a non standard ROM and revert back at a later date.

RaceROM Features Include:

RaceROM Boost Controller
Adjust the maximum allowed boost pressure in each of the four modes by using ECU Connect or the cruise control buttons.

RaceROM Map Switching
Select the maximum allowed boost for each of the four modes. The rev counter provides a visual indication and the speakers provide an audible indication of the currently selected mode.

High-Speed Programming
Program the ECU in as little as two minutes with a visual rev counter indication of the progress.

ECU Backup and Recovery
Read the ECU before you program and rest assured you can recover the ECU should a problem occur during programming.

ECU Security
Protect your work from copying by others.

Adjustable Launch Control
RaceROM launch control on Focus ST models and live adjustment of the factory Launch Control on Focus RS models.

Flat-foot Shift
Set a target hold RPM during a gearshift based on clutch position while maintaining an open throttle to minimise boost drop during shifting.

Synchronises RPM on a downshift by blipping the throttle in a controlled manner, resulting in smooth gearshifts under heavy braking without the need to heel and toe.

Oil Temperature Gauge Hijack
Repurpose the factory gauge to display a range of alternative values or even data from RaceROM custom maps.

Auto Start-stop On / Off Memory
Remembers the last setting after key-off so you don't need to enable or disable each time you get back in the car.

Custom Maps
Current version adds basic outputs and ECU Connect integration using custom inputs is also supported to allow live adjustments from your iOS or Android device using the EcuTek Bluetooth vehicle interface.

Custom logging parameters
Nearly 50 data logging parameters enable quality tuning of the complex Ford strategies and maps. Fast logging rates deliver up to 800 combined samples per second, meaning you can log 50 parameters simultaneously while maintaining logging rates of 16Hz (dependent on the combination of parameters selected).

Key parameters include:

Boost control map inputs
Key parameters used by the ECU's turbo shaft power control strategy enables tuners to make measured accurate changes to base maps.
Boost Control PID
Essential to tune the boost control's response characteristics on non standard turbos.
Direct Injection
Keep on top of injector flow and timing and be aware of airflow limits resulting from fuel flow safety measures.
Ignition Timing
Knowing what's limiting the ignition advance is key to being able to make careful changes to maps for more power or to know the tuning is knock limited.
Knock Control
Get feedback on instantaneous and learning corrections.
Load Limits
Track down the source and magnitude of troublesome load limits so they can be set appropriately instead of being removed, maintaining Ford's strategies to keep engines safe.

Tuning Developments with the aid of the ECUTeK programming suite can customise your Ford Focus ST250, to make your driving experience more exciting at the weekend and easier and a pleasure for the daily commute. Whether your Focus ST250 is standard or modified, Tuning Developments can improve the drive of your MK3 Ford Focus ST.

We at Tuning Developments understand that every car is slightly different. With this in mind, All of our files are custom written on YOUR Focus ST, to suit YOUR Focus ST. To do this the car is strapped to our state of the art Dyno Dynamics 450DS Rolling Road in our purpose built, temperature controlled dyno cell. This features over 15hp and 50,000cfm of extraction fans to ensure it is the perfect environment and conditions for tuning your car. We monitor multiple engine parameters along with high speed lambda to ensure your Focus ST250 is running at optimum performance. You will receive printouts afterwards showing the final performance figures. Each vehicle is then taken on the road for a data logging session and final road test to make sure all is correct.

Throttle response is sharpened up along with a punchier, stronger low end pull with a much improved torque curve, We increase turbo response for zero turbo lag along with huge midrange torque increase for perfect driveabilty. Power is increased throughout the rev range and really makes the Focus ST come alive with healthy gains through the mid range and peak power areas. RPM limit is also increased on certain setups through the ECUTeK RaceROM, allowing full flexibility to suit all your needs and requirements.


On top of all this, fuel economy is also improved when cruising with us seeing a healthy increase in miles per gallon on our own Tuning Developments Focus ST.

When having your car mapped with ECUTeK for the first time, there is a license fee payable to unlock the ECU to you, the customer, for life. This is charged at 225.00 + VAT and is payable once and once only. We offer discounts for remaps booked with ECUTeK licenses included. Please contact for details.

If you have any questions, or queries with this service, please feel free to contact us at Tuning Developments, via email or telephone on 01925 822 266.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 10 May, 2020.