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[GT86 Remap]

ECUTeK remap and mapping for your Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ from Tuning Developments.

ECUTeK Features Include:

X4 Fuel And Ignition Maps For Map Switching
Ignition Correction, Transient, Knock Retard & Knock Learning
Open & Closed Loop Fuel Targets, Transient, Warm Up & Cranking
Injection Control, Port & Direct Injection With Firing Angle
Full Defined VVT Control, Inlet & Exhaust
Throttle & Torque Maps
Sensor Scaling, Gear Thresholds & Fan Control
Cruise Control, Speed & Rev Limiters
Enable or Disable Diagnostic Trouble Codes & DTC Limits

ECUTeK from Tuning Developments also comes with their ‘RaceROM’ package which allows many special features to be activated all through the factory ECU. RaceROM is a fantastic addition to the ECUTeK package and is very user friendly aswell as being flexible to any end users’ needs.

RaceROM Features Include:

4 Way Map Switching – Using the cruise control stalk (those without cruise control enquire for other options) the map can be changed, on the fly whilst driving. Simply hold the cruise control stalk toward you for 1 second and the RPM needle will point to your current map, select your desired map with the stalk and press toward you again to select the map.

Launch Control – Holds the engine at a desired RPM under full throttle whilst stationary, ready to engage the clutch and takeoff at speed.

Flat Foot Shifting – No need to lift off the throttle for a quick gear change, ECUTeK will adjust engine torque as the clutch is depressed in order to speed up gear changes.

Auto Blip – ECUTeK will blip the throttle on a downshift whilst braking in order to get a smooth transition into the next gear.

Speed Density – Transition between MAF and SD allowing the best of both worlds when tuning, ideal for high power setups and forced induction cars.

Accelerator Pedal Trim – Fine tune throttle opening to suit your requirements.

Per Gear RPM Limit – Custom rev limit which is adjustable for different gears.
X2 ECU Inputs – Useful for wideband, Flex-Fuel or Exhaust Gas Temperature.

X1 ECU Output – Reuse the CPC solenoid vale for electronic boost control.

High Speed Date Logging – Log over 35 live data parameters to allow for precise and accurate tuning.

In addition to all this, ECUTeK also allow for upto 16 additional maps to be created to control other custom parameters, such as E85 & Flex-Fuel, Traction Control, Electronic Boost Control and much much more. The ECUTeK Package from Tuning Developments is the choice for your Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ.

Tuning Developments with the aid of the ECUTeK programming suite can customise your Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ, to make your driving experience more exciting at the weekend and easier and a pleasure for the daily commute. Whether your GT86 or BRZ is standard or modified, Tuning Developments can improve the drive of your GT86 or BRZ.

We at Tuning Developments understand that every car is slightly different. With this in mind, All of our files are custom written on YOUR GT86 or BRZ, to suit YOUR GT86 or BRZ. To do this the car is strapped to our state of the art Dyno Dynamics 450DS Rolling Road in our purpose built, temperature controlled dyno cell. This features over 15hp and 50,000cfm of extraction fans to ensure it is the perfect environment and conditions for tuning your car. We monitor multiple engine parameters along with high speed lambda to ensure your GT86 or BRZ is running at optimum performance. You will receive printouts afterwards showing the final performance figures. Each vehicle is then taken on the road for a data logging session and final road test to make sure all is correct.

Throttle response is sharpened up along with a punchier, stronger low end pull with a much improved torque curve, especially through the notorious ‘torque dip’ of the FA20 engine – This is also complimented by our manifolds / headers which go a long way to removing the Torque Dip. Power is increased throughout the rev range and really makes the GT86 and BRZ come alive with healthy gains through the mid range and peak power areas. RPM limit is also increased on certain setups through the ECUTeK RaceROM, allowing full flexibility to suit all your needs and requirements.

Above: Dyno Plot Showing Improvements From A Remap - Along With Our Replacement Exhaust Manifold.

Above: Dyno Plot Showing Improvements In Torque Between 2750rpm & 5000rpm. Note The 30lb.ft Increase - Along With Our Replacement Exhaust Manifold

Above: Dyno Plot Showing Improvements Power Between 2750rpm & 5000rpm. Note the 20+HP Increase At The Same RPM - Along With Our Replacement Exhaust Manifold

Map Configurations:

Map 1 – Maximum Power & Torque with Throttle Response Increased
Map 2 – As Map 1 With Additions Of Launch Control & Auto Blip On Downshift
Map 3 – As Map 2 With Addition Of Flat Foot Shifting
Map 4 – Low Octane Grade Safe Map – For When Super Unleaded Is Not Available

These configurations can be tailored to suit your requirements, please contact us for further details.

On top of all this, fuel economy is also improved when cruising with us seeing a healthy increase in miles per gallon on our own Tuning Developments GT86.

When having your car mapped with ECUTeK for the first time, there is a license fee payable to unlock the ECU to you, the customer, for life. This is charged at £225.00 + VAT and is payable once and once only. We offer discounts for remaps booked with ECUTeK licenses included. Please contact for details.

If you have any questions, or queries with this service, please feel free to contact us at Tuning Developments, via email or telephone on 01925 822 266.

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