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Tuning Developments Stage 1 Performance Tuning Package for the BMW F87 M2 Competition, BMW F80 M3 and BMW F82 M4 fitted with the S55 engine platform.

Tuning Developments have developed this package on our own BMW F82 M4 S55, having picked up the vehicle in standard form; we set about getting some baseline runs of the car on our in-house Dyno Dynamics 4WD dyno. The results were as expected, making Consistantly 420-424BHP and 400 lb.ft torque. A promising start.

As part of our Stage 1 Performance Upgrade package we supply and fit new uprated K&N Direct Fit Panel Filters for the standard air-box's as we found the standard filters to be restrictive when running more than standard power outputs.

Using the excellent ECUTeK Racerom tuning suite, we then set about tuning the car on the dyno to see what improves we could make along with the K&N Panel Filters.

Our Stage 1 remap brings power up from 420hp upto 530hp area as peak increases, a very impressive power increase. However throughout the mid range we're actually seeing the same increase over the standard car! Torque figures are up from 400lb.ft to a healthy 520lb.ft which really does transform the drive of the BMW M2 M3 M4 Platform. Dyno graphs below show the vast power output difference from the standard car to the Tuning Developments Stage 1 Package trim.

Our Custom ECU Tuning as part of the Package allows us to add in alot of new features to the S55 Platform, first being Switchable ECU Maps on the fly adjustment using the Cruise Control buttons on the steering wheel, meaning we can tailor different map options with so many possibilities but our Stage 1 Tuning offers switchable maps as follows:

Map 1 - Per Gear Torque Reductions of power/torque for optimum delivery in dry conditions, No Pops n Bangs

Map 2 - Per Gear Torque Reductions of power/torque for optimum delivery in dry conditions, Racerom Pops n Bangs

Map 3 - Maximum Torque/Power in all gears for our maximum drift mode, Racerom Pops n Bangs

Map 4 - Standard Car Torque/Power output (ideally suited to wet weather conditions), No Pops n Bangs

Along with the switchable maps options we are able to adjust all torque/boost control maps along with adjusting Vanos cam angles for optimum power and torque delivery meaning we are offering the best performance tuning package for your BMW S55, be assured we write all our own Custom ECUtek Racerom tunes/maps in house on our Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road to ensure you are getting the most power from your BMW M2, M3 or M4.

Along with all this we can rescale the Power & Torque dials on the centre screen to match the new power/torque output from the vehicle for the all round OEM like experience.


Included in the Tuning Developments Stage 1 Tuning Package

Before Dyno Run Session Baseline
Genuine K&N Performance Panel Air Filter Kit
Install Performance Panel Air Filters
ECUTeK License to Unlock the Factory ECU BMW S55 Engine
In-House Remap Using ECUTeK With RaceROM Suite BMW S55 Platform
After Dyno Run Session Incorporated With Above Remap

To sum up:

Stock: 420-424bhp & 400lb.ft
Stage 1 : 520-530bhp & 500-520lb.ft

See our upcoming tuning packages from Tuning Developments for further power hungry owners, whereby we will be adding more hardware in order to unlock more power from your BMW M2, M3 or M4 fitted with the S55 Engine Platform. Stage 2 Upgrades are well in development stages and will be released shortly and this will be updated to suit !

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 26 September, 2019.